Role of parents during therapy sessions

Speech and language therapy provides treatment, support and care for children and adults, who have difficulties with communication and swallowing. The early identification or early intervention is very important for the child’s development. Improvements in speech and language skills are not easily built only by attending therapeutic process.

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Role of parents

Parent participation is very important during the therapeutic process. Having the child work with a therapist once, twice or even 3 times a week will not provide a rapid progress. The child needs to have consistent practice at homes too (in a natural environment) on a daily basis. Parent training can occur in a variety of ways depending on the need of the child. Parents are encouraged to sit during the therapy sessions to observe the ways of teaching process in order to generalize in natural environment.

Many of the parents face difficulty to handle the tantrums of the kids because they don’t have any idea about the teaching methods which are provided to the kids. The transparency in the therapeutic programs and equal participation of parents is very important for a better progression of the child.

Jewel Autism Centre is one of the Best autism treatment centre in Kerala. The transparency of therapy sessions is the peculiarity of Jewel Autism Centre. The presence of parents during the therapy sessions is very important, it helps the parents to understand the baseline of the child. Like how to elicit a response, how to make a response more meaningful, how to manage and modify the behaviours exhibited by the child.

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