Importance of Aerobics for kids

Aerobics program is highly important in functioning of brain in active way at all age groups. Children with autism have low axon and neuronal formation. Regular exercise can improve the brain health, cognition, plasticity neurogenesis and vascular function. Physical exercise plays a vital role in functioning of Hippocampus and cerebral cortex. According to researched studies done in Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil and other areas reveals that, doing aerobics two sessions in a week for minimum three months shows a significant improvement in the area of social competence, interaction, play skills and physical fitness.

Aerobics program is highly important for kids with autism
Aerobics program is highly important for kids with autism

The training usually focuses on the balance and motor coordination which improves the cerebellar function in the brain.  Parents should attend the preliminary course for the basic knowledge, that what kinds of exercises are necessary for their child, precaution to be taken to avoid physical limitations etc. It is also depends on the duration and frequency of exercises implemented for each child in severity. In a study in Hong Kong, it was found that after attending aerobics sessions nearly 79% of parents reported that their child is showing good improved with language, social and communication skills. It was also stated that 99% of children improved with physical perseverance, muscle strength and body coordination.

Apart from all these in general some studies proved that the sleep disturbances, gravitational insecurity, to process information, learning and other cognitive skills are improved with some selected aerobic exercises based on the child’s difficulty. The program in a team or group is facilitating the play or peer interaction of the child. The stereotypies also improved with regular program. Vigorous exercises are much more effective than less strenuous exercises. There are some exercises which state drastic improvements like:-  swimming, running, jogging, cycling, martial arts, team sports and dancing.


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