Indoor activities for kids with autism

Every child loves to be involved in some activities, and kids with autism are no exception. You have to engage autistic children in activities to bridge the gap between them and their surrounding environment. Below are a few indoor games and activities you can teach your autistic kids.

Indoor activities for kids with Autism
Indoor activities for kids with Autism
  1. Underwater I spy alphabet bottle: – Here is a great alphabet bottle activity that helps to keep your little one focused and engaged.

You will need –

  • Empty water bottle
  • Alphabet beads
  • Sequins
  • Glitter
  • Water
  • Corn syrup

How to do –

  • Take all the beads from A to Z and place them on the table. Ask your child to drop those letters one by one into the bottle.
  • Your child can then drop sequins followed by glitter.
  • Fill half of the bottle with water and another half with corn syrup. The corn syrup is to slow down the motion of the elements present inside.
  • Apply glue to the lid so that the liquid inside will not spill.
  • Shake the bottle and let your child watch. Ask the child to find each letter and spot them.


  1. Paint with ice: – This helps them to improve their colour observation and recognition skills.

You will need –

  • Paint
  • Craft stick / Ice cream stick
  • Ice cube tray
  • Plastic wrap

                 How to do –

  • Ask your child to pour paint in to the ice tray.
  • Then ask to keep a craft stick into the middle of each cube. If the sticks cannot stay standing, cover the tray with a plastic wrap and then poke them through the wrap.
  • Now let her/him keep the tray in the freezer.
  • Once the water freezes, let the child to choose one colour cube.
  • Holding the craft stick the child can swirl the paint cube on the paper it leaves a beautiful stream of paint on the paper.
  • Ask to take different cubes and repeat the same.


  1. Making shapes: – This is a match learning activity to introduce the concept of puzzles.

You will need –

  • 2o craft sticks/ ice cream sticks
  • Markers of different colours.

How to do –

  • Place two craft sticks next to each other. Draw different shapes.
  • Let your little one create as many stick pairs as possible.
  • Now ask them to mix all the sticks. Child can find the sticks and join them to create the correct shapes.
  • A craft stick contains only a half shape, and you need to find the other half and place them side by side to complete the shape.


  1. Finding toys: – This will help improve your child’s sensory skills by touching and feeling various things.
  • Take a large plastic tub and fill with beans and beads.
  • Hide as many toys as you can inside the box.
  • Now ask your child to put his/her hands into the box and take out the toys by feeling each one.


  1. Finger painting: – It is a bit messy but helps your child to cover sensory issues.


  • Place paint of various colours on paper. Then ask your child to mix those paints using her fingers.
  • Create different patterns, shapes with the paint.



























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