Self talk is a strategy simply means, talk about what you are doing, seeing or thinking when your child is present. In other word, narrate your actions. E.g.: “I see a doggie. Oh! a big doggie.

Parallel talk is another strategy to enhance language development; talk about what your child is doing or seeing. In other words narrate what he/she is doing. E.g.:  Oh! Your tower fell down

Self talk
Self talk

Overview about effectiveness

  • When you are using self talk and parallel talk there is no requirement of your child to imitate what you are saying. These techniques give your child an exposure to language during play and daily routine. Using self-talk and parallel talk expose the child to words which bridge the gap between a child who may not realize actions, objects and feelings. But don’t expect them to repeat immediately, if they tries to imitate you should reinforce the effort of your child. You have to make sure that you are not over doing it. Use words and phrases that are age appropriate, which should be simple rather than longer phrases or sentences.
  • Most importantly- do not use self talk and parallel talk to divert their attention away from what they are interested in. If your child is looking at stickers, wheels or whatever he/she enjoy – talk about ‘that’ do not break his focus by turning away his attention to something that you are doing or saying. Toddlers learns best when we follow their leads and interests.
  • While maintaining the flow of communication gives frequent pauses so that the child may join in verbally or non verbally.
  • The appropriate use of their strategies exposes children to meaningful language and enhances language development.



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