Best sports for children with Autism

Today we will talk about some sports for autistic kids. Kids who have autism often struggle with organized team sports because of communication and social difficulties. However, those traditional, large team sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball and football might not be the best choice for children with autism.


In all these sports the demand for social interaction, calculating movement and managing noise are certainly too high.

If you want your child to participate in group sports but the traditional sports might not be the best idea because the child may face difficulties in sensory sensitivities, communication and coordination. It’s better to start with sport activities where each member of the team contributes independently.

For instance – Swimming, bowling, gymnastics, golf and martial arts are some individual sports where your child is a part of a group. These sports allow your child to be part of a team but alleviate the group dynamics of being fully dependent on each other every second of the game. Other choices may include martial arts, wrestling biking etc.

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