Importance of group therapy program in Autism

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental condition which in characterized by impairment in social interaction, verbal and non verbal communication along with repetitive behaviours. Researched studies revealed that the parts of brain which control and coordinate communication, social interaction and sensory skills are not functioning properly in children with autism. By intensive training we are helping other parts of brain to take one these functioning. For the effective intervention methods it’s important to do a proper assessment and grouping of children according to their behavioural characterisation.

Group therapy and it's benefits
Group therapy and it’s benefits

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is mainly focused on teaching social and communication skills in children with autism. These groups are small groups consisting of 2or more kids, who will be directed by a trained therapist. We have to group the children according to there age, linguistic skill and social- emotions aspects.

How group therapy helps children with ASD

  • In a social group, children learn how to behave in a social situation.
  • They can learn about the importance of friendship and companionship
  • Improve their social participation.
  • Help in the reduction of anxiety symptoms and depression to an extent.
  • Group therapy help children to follow the rules of a game and develop their cooperative play skills
  • This encourages children to communicate well.
  • Learning of social rules such as greeting others, understanding humour and understanding emotions of others.
  • Help them to interpret nonverbal and verbal communication cues.
  • Prepare them to follow the rules and thus help them to enroll in a social system.
  • Help to reduce behavioural deviations to an extent.
  • The development of social skills can help them to be successful in academic and vocational settings.
  • Develop their empathy, helping and sharing skills.
  • Increase participation in recreational activities.

Each group therapy has a scheduled outline which includes activities depending on the topic to be taught.


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