Yoga Therapy For Children With Autism

As the identification of autism is on the rise, now 1 in 8 children according to a researched study by PLOS Medicine Journal. Common challenges children with autism face are difficulty in expressive and receptive communication, sensory integration deficits and social / emotional challenges. Many children of autism may also experiences heightened levels of anxiety.

Tree pose Yoga benefits
Tree pose Yoga benefits

Yoga has become a topic of interest as an intervention which benefits increased strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. It also helps to improve social- emotional skills, language and communication, body awareness self- regulations, focus and concentration and reduction in anxiety, impulsivity, obsession, aggression and self stimulatory behaviours.

Step for teaching yoga:

  • Teach child/ children simple yoga poses and breathing exercise through games and fun.
  • Provide visual (picture cards) and the child could understand.
  • Provide breaks and poses, so the child could increases his/her interest
  • Reinforce children to engage more to the activities.
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