Co-occurrence of Apraxia in Autism

Autism and Apraxia are entirely different neurological condition and hence their treatment methods are also different. Apraxia is a rare condition in which the child find difficulty in plan and carry out action voluntarily. While Autism can affect one’s communication, behaviour and interaction even though the Apraxia is a rare condition, studies have shown that 65% of children with ASD also having Apraxia. In most of the conditions we fail to identify the presence of Apraxia or Autism. It is really important to identify because the treatment options are entirely different. If we are able to identify them as early as possible, it will help them to receive the appropriate way of intervention. Recent studies emphasis that non verbal children diagnosed with either Apraxia or Autism should be screened continuously for either condition until they start verbal communication.

Apraxia & Autism
Apraxia & Autism

Reference: how valid is the check list for ASD when a child has apraxia of speech.

Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics- October 2015- vol 36

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