Therapeutic Interventions Related to Sensory Discrimination

Sensory Discrimination-Sensory Discrimination refers to, individual’s ability to interpret and differentiate between the spatial and temporal qualities of sensory information or “where is it” and “when did it occur” response.

Sensory discrimination
Sensory discrimination

Each sensory system has discriminative functions that contribute to the individual’s knowledge of sensory input and preparation for a response.

Therapeutic Intervention- Many techniques are used for intervention in sensory modulation.

To help a child develop appropriate tactile discrimination, child may discriminate size, shape, texture, location and quality of variety of tactile stimuli to various areas of the body with & without vision.

E.g. Finding toys hidden in the bin of rice, guessing objects without seeing them and finding a particular object in a container with other objects.

  • Providing a child with opportunities to encountering rich and varied stimuli to the skin.
  • Textured materials, while the child is performing motor actions.
  • Stepping on crawling over, hanging on or moving through textured items such as fabrics, sheets, shaving cream.
  • Rubbing textured items on the body before or during motor activities also help to increase tactile awareness of one’s body.



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