Stimming in ASD

Stimming,also known as stereotypic or repetitive behaviours is a vital symptom of autism.Stimming behaviours like nailbiting,rocking while reading and tapping feet are also done by neurotypical beings.When these actions become socially unaccepted,it is considered as autism behaviours.

Actions like making loud noises, flapping hands,rocking,and spinning shown by autistic children are considered as stimming.The common difference between autistic stimming and normal stimming are the reason,type and quantity of the behaviour.People with autism stim for attaining self calming and self regulation.They stim to handle challenging situations or when they are excited,happy or overwhelmed.Under stressful conditions,they might do the behaviour for longer duration. If there is repetition of words or phrase, it is known as vocal stimming.

Stimming may stand as an interaction barrier between the autistic child and others. Regulating a stim is very tricky and punishing the child can create adverse effects. Occupational therapists and ABA analysis helps to reduce or modify some of these stereotypic behaviours.

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