Development of play in children

Playing is important for a healthy brain and it helps in physical, social and emotional development of a child. It also brings out cognitive and social skills such as sharing, taking turns and tolerance it also develops a creative mind in children.

Developments of play in children occurs in different stages and are of mainly 9 types:

  • Exploratory play: It means exploring a toy and not playing with it , that is mouthing the toy , feeling it by touching, looking etc
  • Cause and effect play:In this stage, children comes to know that action produce the desired result. In the case of autistic children, encouragement should be given for correct action and this will help them to keep doing the action. It also help in the development of interaction in children.
  • Toy play: Functional play or toy play defines how to play with the toys or simply the uses of toys.
  • Constructive play: In this, children start working towards goals or products, i.e., making tower out of blocks or using puzzle cards to make pictures.
  • Physical play: In this, children do physical movements to do activities that allow them to use their energy and it gives children the chance to develop gross and fine motor skills. It also gives the children an experience of interacting with others and objects in their surroundings.
  • Pretend play: In this stage, children pretend o use their imagination while playing. It starts normally around 2 years of age and is important for developing skills needed for social relationship, language and communication.
  • Role play:It is one of the crucial stage of development in which the child takes the situation and tend to in act or take the role of the main character of the situation like acting himself or herself as a teacher in the classroom.
  • Parallel play:In this stage, the child plays adjacent with other child or may play alone but imitate other children playing.
  • Cooperative play: At this stage, children start to play together by following rules of the game.
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