Oppositional Defiant Disorder

It is a behavioural or defiance disorder defined by chronic aggression, frequent outbursts and a tendency to ignore requests and purposely irritate others. It is more common among patients with attention deficit disorder. In the case of ODD, the child will often lose his temper, argue with adults, actively defy requests or rules set by adults, deliberately annoy with people and blame others for misbehaviour the child will engage in angry, violent and disruptive conduct directed at the adults in his life.

For example Patents, teacher, physicians and other authority figures. The child may seem to feel most comfortable in the midst of conflicts, which is upsetting and exhausting for everyone involved even the child himself. The exact causes of ODD are unknown. The symptoms of ODD may look different for girls and boys, boys with ODD tend to be more physically aggressive and have explosions of anger while girls often lie, refuse to cooperate and otherwise express symptoms in indirect ways. ODD is usually diagnosed in early childhood. Some patients outgrow the condition by age 8 or 9.

The merit of ODD diagnosis, a patient must exhibit a consistent pattern of negative, hostile and defiant behaviour that lasts at least six months.

2 types of ODD we can see,

Childhood-onset ODD & adolescent onset ODD

Childhood ODD

It is present from an early age and can make children very difficult to rise. Early intervention and treatment can effectively address symptoms of ODD and prevent it from progressing into a more serious condition like conduct disorder.

Adolescent-onset ODD

It begins out of the blue in the middle and high school years. Ones loving children become impossible to live with. Home and school become places at almost constant conflict.

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