Supine developments

Supine developments

Supine stage 1

– Can only maintain supine position for a moment before position becomes asymmetric

– Body follows head turning in a total body movement


Supine stage 2

-Settles when placed on back “top heavy”

– Wb through upper trunk and head

– Posture is asymmetric and difficulty turning side to side

– Bottom moves as head turns, “corkscrew” appearance


Supine stage 3

– Supine position with neutral pelvic tiltsymmetric posture but “top heavy”

– Chin is tucked and head is midline

– Able to move freely from side to side without movement of bottom

– Can track objects and make eye contact

– May roll into prone position


Supine stage 4

– Symmetry of posture and movement is first seen at this level

-midline play at chest with hands and feet together

– Posture is symmetric and weight bearing is through upper trunk and pelvis

– Free pelvic movement beginning

– Can touch knees with flexed hips

– Shift weight laterally and raise leg unilaterally

Supine stage 5

– Independent movement of shoulder girdle and pelvis

– Pelvis has full ROM so child can now play with toes

– Legs extended and can roll side to side and return


Supine stage 6

– can roll into prone position by achieving side-lying position and then anteriorly tilting pelvis on trunk and extending hips.

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