During the first years of life, children undergo major developmental changes across a range of domains. Language development among children is a complex process that is foundational to their communication skills, school readiness, and achievements. Parents are the primary people engaging and interacting with infants on a consistent basis; consequently, parents are seen as a child’s first teacher. Positive quality of parent-child interactions and increased verbal responsiveness are essential in shaping a child’s literacy environment and language development. The first 3 years are the most intensive, as this is when the brain rapidly develops and is able to learn new information. Parent-Child Interaction is the basis from which children are able to explore and experience the world of relationships, objects, cause and effect, and problem solving.  Parent-Child Interaction is considered a crucial influence on a child’s functioning and is the most important factor in child behavior and development.

These interactions Influence such things as:

  • Child’s personality formation
  • Academic achievement
  • Behavior
  • Empathy

When parents have warm, trusting, and reliable relationships with peers, family, community members, and service providers, they are more likely to have positive relationships with their children.  Warm, sensitive, and responsive care giving provides the foundation for healthy brain development and increases the odds for success in school.Positive parent-child interactions are powerful protective factors for children.

Parent-Child Interactions Significantly Influence

  • Physical growth
  • Behavior patterns
  • Social-emotional development
  • Early language formation
  • Literacy
  • Academic outcomes

If this critical period passes without adequate interaction and opportunity for language development, it will become more challenging to accomplish the milestones as the child develops.Positive quality of parent-child interactions is essential for shaping a child’s language development.

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