Sensory integration

Sensory integration is neurological process which helps us to respond automatically, efficiently and comfortably in response to the specific sensory input we receive from our body and the environment. There are five components that help to understand how Sensory integration occurs. These components are

  • Sensory registration
  • Orientation
  • Interpretation
  • Organization of a response
  • Execution of a response

Specifically here am discussing about sensory registration.

Sensory registration occurs when we first aware of a Sensory event. Example I hear something.

We may not be aware of certain types of sensory input until they reach a certain threshold. Your sensory threshold varies throughout the day, depending on your previous sensory and emotional experience.

When you are highly aroused or anxious, your sensory threshold is lower, and you may register sensory input that may go ignored any other time. If you are awakened in the night by a loud sound, you may become highly aroused, you may notice or register the sounds of creaking stairs that you never pay attention to during the day.

Sensory registration problems

# under register sensory issues are poor name call response,

Lack of regard for sudden or loud sounds,

Of painful bumps& bruises,

Of food on face


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