Beginning stage

  1. Cubes of hard cheese such as cheddar, Monterey jack, American
  2. Cubes of white meat, chicken roll, turkey roll
  3. Partially cooked carrots, potatoes, green beans – cubed or cut in lengths for biting
  4. Grilled cheese sandwiches- cubes or strips
  5. French toast – cubes or strips
  6. Firm omelets – cubes or strips
  7. Waffles- cubes or strips
  8. Crunchy cereals – mix, cheerios
  9. Fresh bananas – cubed, canned fruits (pears, peaches)- cubed
  10. Tofu cubes – add falavoring

Second stage – As strength comes in


  1. Cubes of harder foods – bologna, turkey hotdogs, poached chicken
  2. Cold meatloaf cubed
  3. Firm, solid meatballs
  4. French fries – strips
  5. Chicken nuggets – cubes or strips
  6. Ravioli – cubed
  7. Ziti noodles cooked
  8. Toast – cubes or strips
  9. Pepperidge farms “Gold fish” crackers
  10. Fresh fruits – pears, peaches – cubes or strips
  11. Firmly cooked vegetables- cubes or strips
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