Sensory play activities

Sensory Play Activities

Sensory Play Ideas for Touch

  1. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs
  2. Texture Balloon Sensory Play
  3. Beach Sensory Play
  4. Farm Sensory Play
  5. Fluffy Slime
  6. Jungle Slime

5 Games That Develop the Sense of Touch

  1. Bubble Bin Sensory Play
  2. Digging for Worms Sensory Play
  3. Make Silly Putty
  4. Rainbow Slime
  5. Sparkling Flower Water Play
  6. Shaving Cream & Bubble Wrap Play

Sensory Play Ideas for Sight

  1. Fizzy Cloud Dough
  2. I Spy Sensory Play
  3. Slow Motion Sensory Bottle
  4. Mermaid Fabric Sensory Board
  5. Water Beads Sensory Window Bags
  6. Rainbow Chickpeas
  7. Exploring Magnet Sensory Play

Sensory Play Ideas for Smell

  1. Scented Sensory Bottle
  2. Rosemary Rice Sensory Tub


  1. Lavender Sensory Rice
  2. Scented Rainbow Sensory Science
  3. BEST Ever Scented Playdough Recipe
  4. Scented Snowflake Soup Sensory Play

Sensory Play Ideas for Sound

  1. Don’t Ring the Bells! Obstacle Course
  2. Rainstick Sensory Bottle
  3. Exploring Sound Treasure Basket

Taste-Safe Sensory Play Ideas

  1. Stuck in the Mud Sensory Activity
  2. Edible Glitter Finger Paint
  3. Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough
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