Attention is the ability to stay and be focused on a particular thing or task. The person need sustained attention, divided attention and flexible attention. Sustained attention is the ability to staying focused for certain period of time. Divided attention will have focus on more than one task at a time and flexible attention shows changing focus from one thing to another without delay.

However, auditory attention is the ability of a person to respond to the auditory stimulus. It is the most important component of auditory processing which help to get appropriate information to our central nervous system. Whenever there is a deficit in auditory processing; the individual is able to hear the sounds, but his/her ability to interpret sounds and language will breakdown. Using various therapies, we can manage these issues. Find suitable therapy centres having a multidisciplinary approach which will enhance your child’s auditory attention.

Problems with lack of auditory attention

  • Difficulty in remembering – Example:- shows difficulty in following the simple directions or commands, inability to remember the characters of story that’s just been hear.
  • Difficulty in understanding letter sounds
  • Shows difficulty in identifying rhyming words
  • Trouble with spelling and reading
  • Omitting of sounds or saying common words incorrectly when speaks.
  • Difficulty in concentration when too many distracting sounds present in background.
  • Asking often for repeating the direction /information
  • Difficulty for expressing thoughts and organising skills.

Some activities which help to improve auditory attention

  • Red light, Green light game -one will hold up pictures of red and green lights like a visual prompt, if assistance is needed he/she will give verbal cues also.
  • Freeze   -The players will poses or shows different actions, then the catcher have say “freeze” so the players should hold the pose or action.
  • Ask more questions when reading -The child can act the characters while reading a story
  • Musical chairs -when you play musical chair in a large group it is more fun. Provide one less chair than the players, while the music starts the players have to move around the chair and try to sit on the chair immediately when the music stops. This will help children to improve their socialization process and also attention.
  • I went shopping -Each person have their on turns and the person who starts have to say ‘I went shopping, I bought orange’. Then the second person should say ‘ I went shopping, I bought  orange and I bought pappaya. This series should be continued with the item he/she likes to buy further (like apple, grapes etc.)
  • Circle this -Here what we have to do is, take a blank paper and draw rows, columns and write alphabets in that. One or more alphabets should be repeated. On the first day, give instruction to the child like, `circle all the A’s ´ or whatever letter you repeated. On the second day, `circle all the A’s and put square around all the C’s´.
  • Which doesn’t belong- say a group or series of words which belongs in same category except one or two words. Your child should listen and find out the word which is not belongs in that category. Example- elephant, monkey, book, bear. (Here book is the term which does not belong to category of animals.)
  • Hand clapping rhythms – taps, snaps or claps with same rhythm, the person should repeat the same rhythm or pattern like tap, tap, snap, snap. Start with simple patterns which the child can follow.