The vestibular system is your sense of movement. The organs that control the vestibular system are located in the inner ear and include the vestibular nerve and the semi-circular canals. The warning signs that something is off with the vestibular system are often mistaken as behavioural issues, similar to the proprioceptive system. It may lead to

  • Academic problems
  • Issues with muscle development
  • Issues with attention

Also, it may be the reason why a child is stimming because they feel a need move to stimulate this system. However, for others, movement can cause

  • Anxiety and nausea.
  • Poor balance
  • Seems easily disoriented

Difficulty perceiving motion. For example, wouldn’t be able to tell what direction they were falling (wouldn’t put their arms out in the correct direction to catch themselves) Or may not feel when they are starting to fall at all, Odd posture, Clumsiness. For example, frequently but unintentionally bumps into objects and people.

Balance and vestibular activities

  • Hanging upside down
  • Push the child around a scooter board
  • Walking on a straight line
  • Jump on rope
  • Trampoline jumping
  • Ball throwing on balance board.
  • Balance beam walking


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