Crossing mid line activities for kids

Crossing Mid line is a developmental ability that is important for so many gross motor tasks. When a child has difficulty with crossing mid line, they will demonstrate inefficiency with fine motor skills. Mid line of the body is an imaginary line that drops from the middle of the head, strait down over the nose, to the belly button and divides the body into left and right sides. Crossing mid line refers to moving the left hand/arm/foot/leg across this line to the right side (and vise versa). Crossing mid line also refers to twisting the body in rotation around this imaginary line, and leaning the upper or body across the middle of the body.
The activities are:
Crawling and climbing on playground equipment.
Throwing and catching a ball or bean bag, sitting back to back and passing a ball to each other.
Exercises – cross crawls, windmills, side bends.
Rotate the body in a twisting motion.
Bend the upper body side to side.
Play Simon Says.
Thread lids on a long string.
Wash a large wall with big swooping arm motions.
Erase a large chalkboard.
Scoop balloons in a water bin.
Wash a car. Encourage the child to use large circular motions with the sponge.
Kick a ball.
Toss bean bags. (Encourage upper body movement!)
Squirt gun activities at targets.
Play with magnets on the garage door.
Play Twister.
Hit a ball with a bat.
Play flashlight tag.
Show the child how to write their name in the air with large arm movements.
Bend over at the waist and swing the arm side to side, in large circles, and in figure 8 motions.
Painting at an easel
Drawing a figure 8
Drawing rainbows
Wiping the desks