Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)  are defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V as a class of developmental disabilities that are characterized by persistent deficit in social communication and social interaction and restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests or activities.

In this blog, let’s see some interesting activities which can help ASD kids to develop self-regulation, comfort in the environment, motor planning, motor skills, attention and readiness to learn

  • Stair climbing up and down
  • Playing tug ofwar with ropes/stretchy bands
  • Pulling/pushing weighted cart
  • Catching and throwing weighted balls
  • Carrying heavy buckets, bags etc.
  • Swimming/ dancing
  • Different types animal walks( wheelbarrow walking, frog jump, crab walking etc.)
  • Hoping
  • Sorting different types grains
  • Bouncing on large balls
  • Jumping on gym ball
  • Play dough/ clay/shaving cream foam dough
  • Sand play
  • Finger painting
  • Scribbling with crayons
  • Blowing bubbles/whistle/ candles
  • Zipping thick liquid
  • Scissoring and pasting activities
  • Joint compression
  • Neutral warmth


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