How can we deal with hair cutting difficulty/tactile sensitivity to head in children with ASD?

Hair cutting difficulty is one of the problems faced by ASD kids; it can be either due to tactile hypersensitivity or fear of injury. Here let’s see how we can help our ASD kiddos to overcome this issue,

  • If  your child is not cooperative for hair cutting at first make him sit in front of mirror, then   start with a firm massage to the scalp with your fingers
  • Use a comb with large head, whenever comb their hair use firm strokes
  • You can also try a battery powered vibrating hair brush

Simulated hair cutting, you can start with plastic scissors , make sure your kid is in front of mirror  then sit next to your kid, first you can show him how you are cutting your hair with scissorrs ,then approach your child with scissors in playful manner to reduce anxiety

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