One of the core features of ASD is lack of social interaction. Children with ASD always find difficulty to behave appropriately in a social situation. Parents struggle to manage their children in a social scenario.

importance of social stories
children reading story books

This happens mainly because the children with ASD don’t know how to behave in a situation or they lack the awareness of their own action. Visual preparations are one of the best and effective methods to work with autistic children. Social stories are a type of visual preparation which mainly focused on a natural situation or skill which the child needs to learn. They are simple comic drawings which use to model a proper social scenario. It naturally teaches the child about the pragmatic rules of social interaction. Social stories reinforce the proper behaviour of a child and correct the undesired behaviours. Social stories help them to imagine, interact, converse and play in the expected way.

In order to work on this first we need to determine a topic for the social story. The topic should be related to a specific need of the child. The main character of the story should share the features of the child. Through the story child’s responses will be either reinforced or corrected. It helps them to learn how to react in a particular situation.

Social stories are presented with short and simple conversational sentences to make children understand. The sentence only includes the relevant words so that the children won’t get confused. Child requires different stories depending on the need. If the child does an inappropriate behaviour, make her to self-correct by reminding the related social story. We can also write our own social story (example for the topics of social stories- how to cross the road, how to be in a function etc…)

E.g. stranger danger stories

  • I will never take food from a stranger
  • I will never take toys from a stranger
  • I will always tell mom and dad about any stranger
  • I can do it


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