Inclusion of autistic children in mainstream

Children with ASD can be successfully educated within an inclusive mainstream classroom. Study suggests that, there are many benefits for inclusive classroom they are:

Include autistic child in the mainstream

  • Inclusion helps in social development of the child because improvements are noted in the area of social competence
  • In a restricted setting the autistic child will be interacting only with the teachers rather than their peer, but in a general education setting the student with disabilities are given opportunity to interact with their peer and thus it is crucial for proper social development.

Why should we include autistic children?

It has been seen that children with ASD are generally placed in a segregated school (special school). The problem they face is that they enrol students with disabilities and therefor the child learns from disabled peer rather than from the non-disabled peer. The child starts learning inappropriate behaviors by observing the extreme behaviors of the disabled peer in the school setting.

If there is a need for placing a student with ASD in special school, this schools should really be a centre of excellence that provide new ways for working with ASD and dealing with the most extreme cases. Students with ASD should only be placed in segregated school when the case is quite severe. Studies have shown that autistic student who are fully included in an inclusive setting gain a lot i.e., most of the daily living activities are noted to be developed independently in normal school were as in special school children are depended/ seek support for their daily activities. They exhibit higher level of engagement and social interaction compared with children in a segregated setup. They will be having advanced personal education goals compared to the autistic students in a segregated setup.

Reference: Effective inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorder.

Author : Nicole Reagan

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