Jewel Autism Center Extended its Hands to Children with Developmental Disabilities by Arranging Online Therapy Sessions

During this lock down period, in order to overcome the difficulties in treatment of children with developmental disabilities like Autism, ADHD etc… Jewel Autism Centre established in 2008 is a platform for online sessions in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Developmental Education by our team of  professionals.

What is online Therapy?

Tele- therapy or online therapy is the delivery of speech, Occupational Therapy and Developmental Education services via live video conference. This will work as same as traditional therapy with one significant difference i.e., client and therapist is not in the same room. In this pandemic period this is the best option to provide professional assistance for your kids.

Importance of Online Therapy

Especially children with autism they must maintain their continuity to have some type of with those who help them to bring routine and structure with association of family members.

How it done?

Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Developmental Education sessions are scheduled for one hour at an appropriate and suitable time for each client with activities and goals scheduled by the concern therapist. With the help of online therapy sessions both the parent and the therapist can be happy and safe at the home during this lockdown days.

We live in a world of gadgets, so why can’t we make use of these gadgets for online sessions?  Clinician will download images and prepare power point presentations which include goals and activities and it is send to the parents. They can download the images and ppt and be ready for the session.

Benefits of Online Therapy
  • Convenience:  no need of travel. Parents can also attend the therapy at their own convenient time .
  • Parents are the one who play major role in online therapy which will help parents to get clarity after each session.

Our teams of experienced and qualified professionals are there to take care of your kids. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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