Tips for parents to unwind and relax

It is vital that you take the time out to relax and care for yourself. One must stay calm in order to be the best version of yourself for your child. The following are few tips to help you relax and care for your mental health.

Take breaks for yourself

It is of utmost importance to take breaks throughout the day. It may be to do a small activity for yourself or engage in a pleasurable recreational activity. This would help you recharge and be able to attend to your tasks better. You can start reading a book you always had eyes on, or plan a trip with friends for a start.

Take deep breaths

Something as simple as taking deep breaths can help you relax especially if you were in a stressful situation. It is important to notice the changes within one’s body and help the body relax. Take full breaths slowly and leave the air out fully.

Share your feelings

It is important to share your worries and troubles with someone that would listen to you, be it your spouse or a therapist. Venting out any troubles may help you gain more clarity and may help you function more efficiently.

Write it out

At times, you may need to vent out emotions on paper. Having a gratitude journal where you can express your gratitude every day can help a great deal to be in touch with what is happening in your life and be grateful for even the small things in life.

Mindfulness based techniques

It is vital that we are really present for the activities that we undertake. Being mindful can help improve focus and one can actually be ‘present’ for the little ones.

Delegate and share the load

It is important to delegate chores and not take on too much. It is important to remember to divide work. Plan out your day with the help of lists to make sure that the tasks that are top priority are completed and it also helps you realise what can be done the next day.

Work- life balance

It is important that you try and not bring work home. Try to keep the two separate so that when you come home, you can fully be present at home. Both areas are vital and need to be in balance so that we can truly be ourselves in either situations.