Tips to work on language at home with infants and young toddlers

  1. Talk directly to him/her about what’s going on around his/her world.

Children like to listen and hear what they see rather than what we see. Talk about what he’s paying attention to at the moment. Name, people, objects, actions, and pictures in books frequently. Use specific words and repeat the words when the same activities come over and over again so that the child links the word to the activities. Sometimes parents  think that they are doing a fine job of talking to their children, but the problem arises when it is not interesting to the child. Prioritise on what the child likes, given them the space. when parents  come home or anytime they interact with their children, they spend lots of time greeting their children, “Hi guys,” and nurturing them, “I really missed you today.  I’m so glad to see you this afternoon?” Even though the children are hearing lots of words, it’s not kind of language they can learn from.

  1. Play lots of social games. This should include both parents and

.           Sing songs with lot of hand motions. Children’s favourite ones  are are: Itsy, Bitsy Spider,Wheels on the Bus, Open Shut Them, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Ring Around the Rosies, peek a-boo .Ride A Little Horsie, 1, 2, 3, UP or JUMP! , Here Come the Tickle Fingers ,Patty-CakeNever make it fussy, always make it interesting. And let them feel that you are there for them and you love them!

What you should expect while doing the games will be mentioned in the next blog……

Tips for parents who work

  1. Never think that you need to do the above mentioned activities right after you come from work.
  2. Don’t think it as extra burden, if you do so, where is the fun in learning.
  3. If you are tired on a day, please make sure someone plays with the child rather than you do it.
  4. Don’t force, don’t drag your child, learning comes slowly; it won’t happen on a day.


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