Visual tracking is the ability to efficiently move the eyes from left to right (or right to left, up and down, and circular motions). Otherwise focusing on an object as it moves across a person’s visual field. Visual scanning is the ability to use vision to search in a systematic manner, such as top to bottom and left to right. A child needs to use visual scanning to avoid obstacles when navigating their environment. As it develops, babies become increasingly better at accurately moving their eyes back and forth, up and down, diagonally, and in circular.

Activities for improving Visual tracking and scanning.
  • Painting with marbles
  • Finding numbers
  • Cup shuffle
  • Painting with a straw
  • Text tracking activity-read the first and last word
  • Trace the numerals
  • Finding the way,Mazes
  • Moving the object like a pendulam
  • Use laser pointer on a wall and watch the red dot while sweeping it across the wall,go up,down,left,right and diagonally.
  • Scan a letter, example:’A’,circling the letter
  • Read aloud-helps the eyes and brain to work together
  • colour pattern matching game
  • Fill the dot with colours
  • Hide and seek with toys
  • Scavenger hunt in a book-call out word that are used often such as the,and,who etc.