Importance of improving Parent-Therapist Communication

One of the most powerful and important tools through which the child can improve their speech and language problems is also the most accessible ie, nothing else than the parents. Thus the parents has a very important role in the speech and language development of the child. Numerous studies have shown that the involvement of parents in the speech and language interventions had made a massive improvement in the child speech and language therapy goals. Speech language Pathologist will use specific techniques and strategies in the therapy set up,but there is no better substitute for the parents to practice with the child at home. Considering the child with Autism spectrum disorder treatment, occupational therapy, ABA or Applied Behavioral Analysis, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, echolalia treatment also has its specific roles. Above all parent therapist communication, parent therapist relationship, parent therapist collaboration, parent therapist programs also has a specific role in the development of the child speech language and Motor mile stones.