Listening activities

Here we are discussing about some of the activities to improve the listening skill of the children.

  1. Who made that sound? We need few noisemakers (a drum, a shaker, a flute, a whistle, a rattle, and a xylophone) Ask children to close their eyes or turn their bodies away so that they are not looking. Choose a sound maker and ask a child to find the object that made the same noise.

  1. We need a puzzle with a 5-6 piece. Put the puzzle board in a specified location. Ask the children to pick up one puzzle piece. When the adult names the piece the child has to put the piece on the board.
  2. Make sounds of farm animals/ instruments, transport human sounds through songs and rhyme, using puppets and props- Teddy bears Teddy bear turn around, walking through the jungle, Old Mac Donald had a farm, I am the music man, Drive a motor car… and human sound cough, sneeze, hiccups, laugh, cry, whistle to the tune of finding a peanut.

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