Pillow walk

This “game” will encourage the natural balance reaction. It works on the planning skills that are an important part of good balance and visual awareness. To enhance imagination, make up a story about how the floor is a lake and you do not want to get wet. Get as imaginative as you like, using references from recent books you have read with the child or his favorite stories.

1. Place some pillows or cushions on the floor in a line or a circle. It is a good idea if the pillows have different amounts of stuffing. This will provide an opportunity to adjust to different feelings as the game progresses.

2. Show the child how you can walk on the pillows only, without your feet touching the floor. Showing your child how to “play” this game is the best way to communicate the instructions.

3. Start by walking in a straight line, then a circle, and finally a figure of eight pattern.

4. Support the child at first by holding his hand as he steps on the pillow.

5. This may be as far as you go for the first try. Step on, stand, and step off. Go at the child’s pace. Always pay attention to the stress level of the child. Learning takes place when the child is relaxed and having fun, not when he is stressed.

6. Allow the child to take off his shoes as this will allow his feet to experience a lot of the touch sensation from the different textures of the materials covering the pillows.