Jewel Autism Centre to offer free consultation and screening for World Autism Day

Jewel Autism Centre, a provider of transformative therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is offering free consultation and screening sessions from April 1 to April 30 to commemorate World Autism Day.

ASD affects one in 100 children globally, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), presenting complex challenges related to brain development. Parents can detect symptoms before a child is two years old. Classic symptoms include poor communication skills, difficulty in transitioning between activities, unable to maintain eye contact, repetitive behavior or movements, and sensory sensitivities. Early detection and intervention are crucial, yet diagnosis often occurs later, hindering timely access to appropriate therapies.

Established in 2008 by Dr. Jameson Samuel, a former WHO representative and a leading occupational therapist and child psychologist, Jewel Autism Centre is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge treatments for children with ASD. It is an internship centre for 38 universities and caters to children from 32 countries. As the biggest campus for Autism in Asia with a team comprising 175 trained therapists, it has helped mainstream over 100,000 children. The Dubai branch, established in 2022, is a state-of-the-art facility for sensory integration, accommodating students from over 15 countries and has the capacity to cater to 200 children per day.

Central to Jewel Autism Centre’s treatment approach is Sensory Integration Therapy, a pioneering method designed to address sensory-processing difficulties commonly observed in individuals with ASD. This therapy, administered by highly trained therapists using personalised play and activities, aims to regulate sensory processing, reduce overload, and promote relaxation, thereby enhancing attention, communication, and emotional regulation.

Dr. Samuel’s expertise and dedication, along with the professional team at Jewel Autism Centre, have made the centre a global leader in autism treatment. With over two decades of experience and a fellowship from the US, Dr. Samuel has spearheaded groundbreaking research and established the first sensory integration unit in India at Jewel Autism Centre in 2008, now the largest of its kind in Asia.

Speaking on Sensory Integration, Dr. Samuel said, “Sensory integration therapy is transformative for individuals with autism, offering structured activities that significantly improve their quality of life. At Jewel Autism Centre, we are committed to providing holistic care not only to the children but also to their families, ensuring a high success rate and lasting positive impact.”

Jewel Autism Centre’s Dubai branch on Shaikh Zayed Road offers Sensory Integration therapy. Families interested in availing of the free consultation and screening sessions in April are encouraged to visit Jewel Autism Centre’s website for more information and to schedule a consultation.

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