Clinical symptoms of Asperger Syndrome

Asperger syndrome is a specific autism spectrum disorder. The clinical features are the following:

  • Passion for favourite topics or special interests. Some of these areas include: Music, Reading, Trains, weather etc.


Socialization deficits

  • These are inflexible and in capable of coping with change.
  • Described as being “in OUR world, but, ON THEIR OWN terms”
  • Different from “typical Autism”
  • Difficulties in making social connections.
  • Easily stressed and emotionally vulnerable
  • Lack effective interaction skills not desire.
  • They could not understand human relations and rules of social convention.
  • Preoccupied with own agenda
  • Unable to appropriately respond to social cues.

Social Problems

Many Asperger’s kid’s social problems are not recognised until they enter preschool. The first thing noticed may be a tendency to avoid spontaneous social interactions, to have problem maintaining a conversation and to have a tendency to repeat phrases and make odd, statements.

Emotional responses such as anger, aggression’ or anxiety may be excessive or inappropriate to the situation

Use of Language

  • Concentrate language rather than abstract.
  • Difficulty in understanding humour
  • Early years: repetitive phrases or language or stock phrases from memorized material.
  • Laugh at “wrong time” with jokes or interactions.
  • Many have good sense of humour.
  • Problems with taking turns in conversation.
  • Prosody- speech volume, intonation, inflection, and rate is frequently deficient or unusual.
  • Repetitive speech
  • Loud or high pitched speech.


Cognitive Behaviors

  • A superior rote memory.
  • Ability to understand technical or factual information.
  • Trouble absorbing abstract information.

Physical symptoms

  • Delay in motor skills.
  • Problems with coordination.
  • Sensitivity to loud noises, odours, clothing or food textures.

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