Developmental dysplasia of Hip

Developmental Dysplasia of Hip(DDH) is a dislocation of a hip joint that is present at birth. Otherwise known as congenital dislocation of the hip (CDH).

In DDH, the socket of the hip is too shallow and the femoral head is not held tightly in place, so the hip joint is loose. In severe cases, the femur can come out of the socket (dislocation).

It’s more common in girls and a first born child.


  • unknown,
  • Some studies say that a low level of amniotic fluid in the womb during pregnancy can increase a baby risk of DDH,
  • Breech presentation
  • high birth weight

Signs of DDH

  • Restricted movement in one leg when you change their nappy
  • One leg dragging behind the other when they crawl
  • One leg appearing longer than the other
  • Uneven skin folds in the buttocks or thighs
  • A limp, walking on toe developing an abnormal gait called “waddling gait”.

If DDH won’t get proper medical attention, it can cause limp, hip pain and osteoarthritis in later life.


  • Pavlik harness

It’s a fabric splint which secures both of your babies hip in a stable position (abduction) and allows them to develop normally.

This harness needs to be worn constantly for several weeks and should not be removed by anyone expect a health professional.

  • Surgery

Surgery may be needed if your baby is diagnosed with developmental

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