Bonding with Baby: 13 Ways to Do It

Bonding with Baby: 13 Ways to Do It

1. Breastfeed your baby. It’s not just about nutrition when your little one snuggles up against you to nurse, he hears your heartbeat, smells your scent, and is reassured by skin-to-skin contact.

2. Look in the mirror together. He doesn’t yet understand the concept of reflection, but that’s OK. Babies love looking at human faces and this is a great way to get them up close and personal with their own.

3. Respond to her cries. Especially for the first three months of her life, your baby needs to know you’re there for her, and picking her up when she cries helps build that trust.

4. Have a stuffed animal meet and greet. You’ll have a blast watching your baby touch, smell, and even taste his little furry friends. Take notice as he picks a favorite—you’ll want to have that one on hand at bedtime.

5. Go on a mommy-and-me date.  Getting out with baby will remind you that the world is still spinning outside your little cocoon.

6. Come up with a pet name for him. You’re his mom, so you can call him anything you want. Plus, the nickname you give him will be like a little secret only you two share.

7. Make a playlist and channel your inner Beyonce. Pick five of your favorite tunes, play them for baby regularly, and sing along. You’ll get a kick out of it when she starts to bop along eventually, and it’s always good for her to hear your voice.

8. Whip out your old baby photosMaybe she has your eyes, your smile, or your ringlets. Whatever resemblance you find will make you feel instantly connected to her.

9. Relish feeding time. When it’s time to start solids (around 6 months), don’t worry about the mess. Instead, focus on your baby’s sweet enjoyment and exploration of the new tastes, textures, and smells she’s being exposed to.

10. Leave the mess. Every day you’ll have a choice: Tidy the house or cuddle with baby on the couch. We say cuddle time is more important than a clean house!

11. ​Feeling stressed? Talk to her. Those early days of motherhood can be isolating, so feel free to talk it all out with your new little BFF. She’ll love hearing the sound of your voice, and you’ll feel like a weight was lifted.

12. Take pleasure in the poop. Yeah, we said it. The diaper change gets a bad rap, but you can make it fun by singing a happy song while you wipe, marveling at how cute your baby’s bottom is, or coming up with a million different words for poop.

13. Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him. In a few years he’s going to wipe off your smooches and give you “that look.” But right now? He’s adorably helpless, so pucker up!​​​​​​

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