Visual Processing is not just about sight and seeing colors, shapes and sizes, but about processing the the visual environment surrounding us. All children require this awareness and input for proper development. The list of skills associated with visual processing is long and exhaustive. Just to name a few, the visual system is responsible for letter/number recognition, peripheral vision, spatial relationships, hand/eye coordination, reading and pre-reading skills, focus, and attention to detail. The problem occurs when a child is either over or under responsive to receiving information from this system.overreact to sensory input and become overwhelmed and hyperactive.Some kids with visual processing issues may shows visual seeking behaviour such as stares at bright light, hold items close for inspection etc.


Intervention techniques for visual seeking behaviour

-Swing with rotatory movement

-swing with angular movement

-vision blocking with activities

– visual scanning

– visual input

-scootor board activities

– ball catch and throw with swing

– creeping

-leader climbing


-weight bearing with visual scanning activities

-swing with supine flexion activities

– eye contact maintaining activities

– hand walking

– visual tracking

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