How to move with an Autistic Child?

Autism is a developmental disorder that impairs the nervous system and overall cognitive, emotional and social skills of the individual. The symptoms can vary widely, some of these includes difficulty in communication, lack of  social interaction, obsessions, repetitive behaviors, poor eye contact, impulsivity, self-harm, anxiety, unaware of other others and emotions, depression, sensory issues. Its cannot be diagnosed with a medical test or a blood test to diagnose with this disorder

ASD should be diagnosed by a trained professional by using test material such as CARS, GARS, and ISSA etc. Treatment and intervention includes following special diets, sensory stimulation, provides integrated therapy from trained professional which includes speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, individualized education plan and physiotherapy if needed. Each child is different from one another. ASD kids need the care and support from family, friends, teachers and society.

Family members are the people that the child is being with throughout their life time so they have to deal it with compassion and patience. Kids with ASD can attend normal schooling once their sensory and behavioral issues are settled.

When they are attending normal schooling special care and attention has to be given. Assistance should be provided in academics and students along with this should treat him/her as one among them.

These kids can be taken to family gathering and other functions where the platform for social interactions can be provided. The society should not exclude them rather they should involve them and provide them with a safe and better place to live without any insecurities.

For early identification and intervention of the condition screening programs and awareness classes can be conducted in school.

If the problem is identified at a very young age appropriate therapies can be provided and thereby we can improve the quality of life of the child and make them a better prepare for the confidence within the society.

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